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Marisa Is Super Versatile: Mia Moda Stroller

We have all been that couple standing in the middle of Babies-R-Us testing all the different strollers feeling completely overwhelmed. Stroller shopping is maybe the most stressful part of maternity next to you know…financial planning. Here is something that can help you out in both departments, get a Mia Moda 3-in-1 Marisa stroller. Not only are Mia Moda strollers sleek, not only are they affordable, not only are they a time saver, they are also so very versatile.

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The Mia Moda – Christine Lakin Connection


Mia Moda is all in the news these days. And we get to share in all the wonderful things happening to all you lovely folks out there ; what with the stork being busier than ever before! 🙂

Back in February 2016, Christine Lakin had a ‘Sweet Peach’ baby-shower that was thrown for her by her family and friends. They topped off the festivities with lots of gifts (of course!) and included in them was a Mia Moda Stroller.  A lovely Aqua Marisa 3-in-1.

Fast forward to May 2016 and we are soooo kicked that she chose sister brand évolur for her baby daughter’s nursery!

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